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Counting Down to Vacay Baby

2010 August 2

As of right now, I’ll be boarding my flight to Honduras in approximately 44 hours. I’m really looking forward to the trip as it’ll be my first time out of the country in over a year. It was a bit sad to see that a layer of dust had formed on my passport, but like seeing an old friend, it was great to be reunited.

Peacing out!

I’ll be in Honduras for a total of 12 days and like my other trips, rolling solo. The past couple of days, I’ve been taking care of pre-trip errands and I’ve just begun packing.

Packing is always a pain in the ass so that’s why I like to keep it relatively light. I always carry-on because it’s faster and I don’t have to worry about losing my bag. I’m packing about 6 days worth of clothes and plan on doing one load of laundry there. In terms of electronics, I’ll be bringing a phone, iPod, camera and related chargers. I’m still in somewhat of a pickle on choosing which lens to bring but am leaning towards the kit 18-55mm over my 35mm prime just because I’ll have more flexibility with angles. I think bringing both will be too much of a hassle but I’ll sleep on it.

I also like to bring a second backpack to use as a daypack but I keep it in my main bag (Northface 60L) instead of having one in the front and one in the back. Because it needs to fold up in my main bag, I go with an old Jansport with minimal back support. Other odds and ends include the usual toiletries, some ibuprofen and cipro (anti-diarrhea medicine), flashlight, nail clippers (unbelievably handy), Lonely Planet guide, dive log and dive card.

While I’m there, I doubt I’ll be posting as it takes quite a bit of time to write a post and upload pictures, especially if you’re dealing with a shitty internet connection.

So until August 16th or so, I’m signing off. You can certainly expect some good stuff afterwards.

– – –

On a side note, I’m a reader of Seth Kugel’s Frugal Traveler blog and it looks like he’ll be passing through Honduras in the next couple of weeks. How hilarious would it be if I ran into him?

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  1. August 2, 2010

    have fun! looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you get back!

  2. August 2, 2010

    Have fun! Happy diving – I heard this is a good time of year for Whale Sharks. I’ll definitely be checking back in for tips on Honduras.

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