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How Time Flies When You’re Back in Reality

2012 November 13

Wow, has it really been over a year since I was here? Bogota, Colombia.

I looked at the calendar today and saw November 13, 2012. How time flies…

About a year ago, I had just finished my five week Colombia loop. After landing in Bogota, I made my way in a counter clock wise loop that took me to Villa de Leyva, San Gil, Santa Marta, Ciudad Perdida, Punta Gallinas, down the coast to Cartagena, south to Medellin, through Zona Caferta, and finally back to Bogota.

I hiked, I swam, I scuba’d, and I partied. I met a ton of great people and saw some amazing sights. I discovered a country that for all it’s negative stereotypes and reputation, was nothing of the sort. I improved my Spanish to the best it’s ever been and even partook in a city wide party celebrating Bogota’s soccer team.

Yet, Colombia is somewhat of a “lost” trip for me. Sometimes I even forget I was there. Perhaps it was because Colombia was in a big transitional period of my life.

– – –

After working two years in finance, I decided to take some time off and make an industry change. I had a couple companies that I was talking to but nothing came out of them. Seeing that I had no commitments for the first time in over two years, I decided to take the trip.

It was not only a vacation but also a leap of faith. All my previous trips had some sort of safety net. In Europe, it was study abroad. Southeast Asia and South America were with a job lined up back home, same with Central America. This time, however, I had nothing lined up after. No leads, no concrete idea of what I wanted to do.

So when I got back home, I focused 100% on finding a job. Several companies, dozens of interviews, and a month or so later, I accepted an offer. Naturally, I had to take a vacation prior to starting so I went to Costa Rica and Panama.

Two weeks and two countries later, I was back on the employment train.

– – –

It’s been more than nine months since I started the job and it seems like Colombia is a trip from another lifetime. Memories often slip to the back of your mind until something poignant reminds you of the adventures you had: a song, a picture, a smell, or even a date on the calendar.

What’s the point of all this? Well I guess Ferris Bueller put it best:

Slow down once in a while, take a look around, and don’t forget where you came from or where you’ve been.

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