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19 Hours in Dallas – What to Do???

2010 December 9
by Paul

Following the heels of my 75K AA post, I booked a ticket to Guatemala City. Told you it was legit! What otherwise would have cost me $1,300-1,400 on Kayak came out to be $105 with 70K points.

I’ll be leaving December 18th and coming back January 2nd. It’ll be another solo trip and a bit different from Honduras as I don’t plan on heading to the ocean. I’m not quite sure what route I’ll take but I have some time to figure out a rough idea.

Unfortunately, there are downsides of rewards travel. Mainly, I have a freaking NINETEEN hour layover in Dallas. I land in Dallas Fort Worth at 9:55pm Dec 18th and don’t fly out until 5pm Dec 19th.

Basically a whole night and half a day.

I’m thinking I might check into a hostel, grab a steak, go out at night, see a couple things in the morning and book it back to the airport.

Any suggestions??

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  1. wyman permalink
    December 10, 2010

    wait why would you spend all those miles ona flight to guatemala? i heard mexico sucks this time of year. you probably could have used those miles to come to new york for free. because it’s closer than guatemala. and every american knows its the cultural center of the world. you are unamerican.

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